by Scream on 2022-04-25

New Promo: EasterDay

Mega Cash Back Day

by Break on 2022-04-22

Only today! Day of increased cashback 20%, do not miss the chance!!!

Just top up your balance on our website in any convenient way for any amount and get a +20% bonus when you enter the game.


by Scream on 2022-03-08

Dear ladies, the server administration would like to congratulate you on the International Women's Day!

To celebrate women's day here is a small gift on our behalf in a shape of a promo code: WomensDay

Thank you for choosing our server!

Tomorrow you will find some events related to this day. Announcement will be made later.


by Scream on 2022-02-23

Friends! The server administration congratulates the male part of the server on February 23!

As a small gift, we have prepared a promo code for you: "MensDay"

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